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Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Prevention and care are the antidotes to injury. When prevention succeeds, trauma is conquered. The AT is strongly committed to this goal: the eradication of preventable injuries. 

Prevention is also quality care which reduces the suffering and life-altering consequences of trauma. ATS develops and supports information and programs that prevent injuries from occurring and, when that fails, provide quality trauma care for victims to prevent death and disability. 

Traumaroo Educational Program for Childhood Safety

Traumaroo is the children's safety program of the American Trauma Society that employs the services of the animated character "Troo" to teach important safety habits, with "fun" as a key component. The program helps children develop safe behavior patterns that will become lifelong habits. Traumaroo was developed in 1994 by the American Trauma Society to help reduce preventable injuries among children throughout the country.

Traumaroo Segments:

Bicycle Safety

Troo explains safe riding habits, including the use of helmets and other protective measures. Also includes accessing Emergency Medical Services.

Playground Safety

Troo reveals tips on how to have fun in the playground while avoiding injuries. Includes access to Emergency Medical Services.

Staying Friends

This segment teaches children how to control their anger when a friend reacts inappropriately.

Home Safety

The ATS's most recent Troo program instructs children on various Do's and Don'ts in and around the house.

How the Program Works:

An animated video features Troo, the director of Tramaroo Central, which is a high-tech control center where children can view both safe and unsafe behavior. A unique feature of each Tramuaroo video is its computer-enhanced animation and multiple television monitors, which highlight unsafe behavior (such as riding a bicycle without a helmet) and display strategies for safe behavior. 

After children finish viewing the Troo video, the facilitator (typically a schoolteacher or nurse) structures discussions in which children can explore and share their responses to the program. The Traumaroo program's message is further reinforced as children use the activity books, which feature safety-related word games, connect the dots, coloring pages, puzzles, and other activities.

Children are given pretest evaluations one week before the Troo program to determine their knowledge of the subject, and again approximately 30 days after the presentation to determine what safety messages were retained. The program has been evaluated in numerous states, and the results reveal that an exceptionally high percentage of children are able to retain the safety messages that are demonstrated to them. 

The Traumaroo program includes the following components:


  • VHS videotape

  • Facilitator guide

  • 20 activity books, 20 certificates, and 20 stickers

  • 2 full-color posters

  • Costume available at extra cost

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