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ATS membership reflects the full spectrum of trauma care. Individual members range from pre-hospital personnel to those who make up the team who cares for trauma patients and their families. Trauma care requires a team of experts working together – it requires institutions ready to provide the appropriate care needed.


ATS members are vital supporters of, and often vital players on, a trauma team. They are committed to caring for trauma patients and their families. The ATS serves you, our member in your work as a trauma care provider, your interest in helping your community and your commitment to make trauma care and injury prevention national health care priorities.


Members are provided the opportunity to belong to an active network of trauma care providers and be an active participant in shaping trauma care for their communities and the nation. Specific benefits include:


  • Trauma Watch: A bi-weekly newsletter on trauma care across the nation.

  • Traumagram: A quarterly publication.

  • Access to “members only” website that provides information on grant funding, problem-solving through threaded discussion.

  • Trauma Information Exchange Program (“TIEP”) network.

  • Access to ATS programs such as Traumaroo, 2nd Trauma, Red-Light Running and Bystander Care.

  • Legislation information on National and State issues with the opportunities to express opinions.

  • Participation in setting national policies on injury prevention and trauma care by joining in ATS’ network surveys, opinion polls, and support letter for legislation.

  • Educational programs such as the Trauma Coordinator Courses, Trauma Register Courses and the Certification Examination for Trauma Registrars.

  • Individual request for members interests and/or needs.

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